The Corpse Market 


Imagine you are the corporation. Your behavior is governed by free market principles. You have a fiduciary responsibility to generate as much profit as is allowable by law; you owe this to your shareholders. You are legally immortal, though can be put to death if you do not obey the coercive laws of competition; you must be elusive so you can be there first. Thus, you must be more, faster, forever.

However, as you know, you are not the corporation. Even if you obey the coercive laws of competition, you will be put to death, at the very least, by the degradation of your cell’s ability to replicate. Rather, you are the corpse and death is inscribed within you; you must be less, slowly, for a time. Your materials return to the earth and your consciousness recedes.

This is okay.

Yet if you are the corpse and not the corporation, why do you feel compelled to perform the corporate subject? Does the corporation promise you a chance at permanence?

Do not let the corporation seduce you; there is another way to live.

Enter the corpse market, a place where you can transact not for the purpose of profit, which tends towards ruin as growth outpaces the availability of resources, but instead for the purpose of sustainable subsistence. Pay what you will to get what you need; be conscientious in your consumption; support the livelihood of others while maintaining your own.

Help us to become an insidious cancer in the belly of the corporation, eating away at its gut, dismantling its digestive organs. Let us repurpose the tools of corporate dominance towards the aim of collaborative survival. We shall replace work with labor as we strive to minimize suffering and take comfort in pleasure.

Kickstart the corpse market now by investing in Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clock; our public ledger will provide you with a sense of our latest holdings. It’s up to you whether we live or die in the near-term; we tend towards a desire to survive, but not alone.

We love you.