Invest in the corpse today.

Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clock (real).png

Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clock


Play a vital role in the survival of both disInc. and the human species!

Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clocks costs $6.66 to produce (parts and labor); it’s up to you what you feel is a fair price (though we hope you will keep disInc.’s ledger in mind).

For whatever monetary exchange you deem appropriate (as little as $0 USD {+ $0.50 per Squarespace’s minimum donation requirement} or as much as $1,000), disInc. will send you a single Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clock with a customized date of death.

With this date in mind, you can live your life without the amorphous uncertainty of when your consciousness will recede and without the belief that you may find a way to live forever.

In this way, you will recognize that you are the corpse and will begin the process of emancipation from neo-liberal corporate subjectivity.


*note: because of the unusual nature of shipping potatoes with stamps directly affixed to the skin (which the United States Postal Service is legally obligated to deliver), this product may take up to two weeks to be delivered from the date of your order