My Identity: A Theft

I discovered yesterday, when looking at my bank statement, that a $472.95 purchase had been made with my credit card to pay an electrical contractor, Taylor Electric, in Connecticut on February 3rd, 2019.

Not only was I not in Connecticut on that day, but I also have not recently paid $472.95 for any electrical contract work.

I called Bank of America and informed them I would like to dispute the purchase as a fraud; they told me that it appeared someone had entered my card info manually and that they would credit my account, that they would investigate, that I should destroy my credit card and that they would send me a new one.

While I am relieved to have avoided payment for $472.95 of electrical contract work, I now have a new concern: there has been a theft, and its object was my identity.

If a person, unknown to me, can make purchases in my name, is it possible that someday, this same insidious presence, let’s call them “Chris”, could do-business-as, DBA, disIncorporated? Is it possible that not only I am disInc. and disInc. is me, but also disInc. is Chris and, by the transitive property of equality, Chris is me?

Would you, dear reader, know the difference?

Benjamin NicholsonComment