My iPad was stolen before I ever owned it

I ordered an iPad through Amazon to use as part of a teleprompter apparatus (which is vital for disInc.’s official launch event), as well as to use for note taking and disInc. point-of-sale experiences.

However, though other items I ordered along with the iPad arrived perfectly intact, the iPad itself was missing from the delivery. I stayed home all day on the day that was specified for delivery, watching the porch as I played Horizon: Zero Dawn on my couch, but the only package that arrived contained a light stand (to hold up the teleprompter) and a stylus for the iPad.

I contacted Amazon and they reimbursed me; I then contacted UPS and let them know I think that one of their employees stole an iPad. I don’t think either company really cared.

I now have a stylus that has no way to inscribe and a teleprompter that cannot prompt. I am building up the courage to order another iPad with my reimbursement money.

Benjamin NicholsonComment