Two movies

My wife is out of town so I fell asleep at roughly 9PM. When I woke up at 1AM, there was little for me to do other than watch movies on the internet.

I watched A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Swiss Army Man, neither of which I had seen before.

A.I. was notable particularly for the final 30 minutes, which, through exposition, we are told take place 2,000 years after the preceding events. Aliens find the frozen body of Haley Joel Osment, who is only 8 days younger than me, and give him one final night with the reanimated corpse of his adoptive mother. I believe they both fall asleep and die and then the movie is over. Apparently, several of those involved in the film were frustrated that viewers thought that the creatures at the end were aliens as they were supposed to be seen as advanced, autonomous terrestrial robots.

Swiss Army Man was notable in its depiction of the many uses of a human corpse. This movie is scientifically inaccurate and ends when the words “The End” appear onscreen. I intend to write more about Swiss Army Man but at another time.

I am now sitting in my room preparing to go for a run. I weigh 162 pounds today and am currently thought to be overweight by my doctor. Online BMI calculators agree; that is to say, there is too much of me.

Benjamin NicholsonComment