My Wife is a PhDoctor

My wife successfully defended her neuroscience dissertation two days ago, making her the first PhDoctor in our family unit (pending the processing of paperwork).

I was able to be present for her public defense, which was 30 minutes of excellent scientific commentary on human olfaction; I particularly appreciated her use of the “cloud” PowerPoint basic shape to represent scents.

She is now looking to join the “industry” by attending a data scientist accelerator program in The Big Apple, which means we will live apart for the first time in our 10+ years together (as I live in Los Angeles, pursuing my own PhDoctor).

Thankfully, our ability to teleconference via Skype will allow us to maintain visual contact, though I am worried that I might kill all of her plants while she is gone.

I am very proud of her and feel great ambivalence about my excitement concerning the earnings her future work may generate, given the aims of disIncorporated.