Fluidity, forward.

disInc. performs experimental economic maneuvers to dissolve the corporation from within and give rise to life in the corpse.

Target holdings:

$1,000 USD

Current holdings:

$495 USD

You are not the corporation.


The corporation believes they can live forever through perpetual adaptation.

The corporation believes they can always be more, faster.

The corporation believes they can survive the extinction of the human species.

You are not the corporation.

You are the corpse. 


The corpse believes that they are temporary, that within them, death is present from the start.

The corpse believes that their intensity may grow for a time, but will ultimately recede until consciousness is extinguished.

The corpse relinquishes their materials to the earth, providing the basis for the survival of the human and the non-human corpse alike.

You are the corpse.

I am the corpse. 

Ben Nicholson.png

‘Prospective’ Ben

CEO and Sole Proprietor


I am disInc. and disInc. is me. This is the legal understanding I established with Los Angeles County in the state of California on January 22nd of 2019, when I registered my Fictitious Business Name Statement.

I have predicted that I will die on May 21st, 2069. On the date of my death, disInc. will dissolve and no longer be open for business.

I carry the liability of disInc. in my own body; the performance of my company puts me at risk for litigation. This is to say, I have made myself economically vulnerable.

Please do not sue me unless I have harmed you.

I love you.


Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clock

disInc.’s premier product, Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clock, will assist you in your investment in the corpse:

Mail-Order Seed Potato Death Clock (real).png

Ingredients List:

appropriate postage and home address

organic russet potato

your predicted date of death

A market for the corpse.


disInc. proposes an alternative to the neo-liberal free market: the corpse market.

The corpse market opposes the competitive imperative for indefinite growth and encourages the emergence of sustainable subsistence.

Learn about our efforts to establish the corpse market through insidious counter-capitalist tactics here.


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